EuroBadge becomes authorised Alfatronix distributor

EuroBadge becomes authorised Alfatronix distributor

30/03/2021 Off By George


EuroBadge is delighted to announce a new distribution partnership with Alfatronix. The latest industry-leader we have formed a partnership with, Alfatronix products are widely seen as the gold standard when it comes to all-things power.

Alfatronix are predominantly known in the PMR industry for their base station power supplies, which can be seen everywhere there is a mobile radio in use. Furthermore, their range of mains power adapters, power converters, intelligent battery chargers and wireless and USB charging solutions can be seen in buildings and vehicles wherever you go. EuroBadge is very pleased to be partnered with Alfatronix, and will begin stocking the following core products very soon.

Desktop Power Supplies

The desktop power supplies, popularly called the “wedge” due to its distinctive, ergonomically friendly shape, offer a convenient way to convert 12 Vdc mobile radio transceivers for use as desktop base stations. They will operate from AC supplies, either 115 V or 230 V without manual adjustment and output up to 108 W (9 Amps).

Battery Backup Box

The battery backup box is a smart, sleek unit which can be connected to maintain charge in a lead acid battery to supply power in the event of a mains failure. It includes a speaker (mounted on the front of the unit) for those wishing to use hands-free radio operation.As a neat alternative to a loose battery, it is designed to fit underneath the desktop supply and radio assembly and includes a 7 Ah lead acid gel battery, presenting all three components as one tidy desktop assembly. Alternatively, the AD-BBB can be ordered without a built-in 7 Ah battery.

Mains Power Supplies

The AD Series units may be used to supply mobile radios and other appliances from AC mains used in offices, portable site cabins, communication cabins, telephone exchanges, remote antennae sites, ships, oil rigs etc. The units will accept either European 230 Vac or US 115 Vac inputs and are available as standard in 12 V, 24 V and 48 V output configurations. Input is via a standard IEC-320 C13 / 14 power cord with UK, European or US mains plugs – please state your requirement.

PowerTector Low Voltage Disconnect

The PowerTector Battery Guard is a solid state battery device that will monitor the source voltage and disconnect the equipment from the battery if the voltage falls below a pre-determined level. This can work to ensure that there is always sufficient voltage remaining in the battery to start a vehicle engine or ensure power is available for other critical applications. The total discharge of a lead acid battery can also cause damage to the cells significantly shortening the life of the battery. The PowerTector unit can also be set to disconnect equipment at a lower voltage that will still protect the battery from total discharge, while allowing for maximum battery usage. A timed version is also available which will disconnect automatically a set period after the ignition has been switched off.

PowerVerter 24 VDC – 12 VDC Voltage Converters

These products offer a convenient way to operate mass produced 12 Vdc equipment such as cell phones, in car entertainment, professional communications, telematics equipment, refrigerators, televisions etc. from the 24 Vdc mobile electrical systems found on diesel engined vehicles and vessels.

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