How VoCoVo impacts on customer experience

How VoCoVo impacts on customer experience

30/03/2021 Off By George


VoCoVo is an innovative DECT communication system which transforms businesses through the power of voice. Their team communication solutions improve efficiency, drive sales and enhance business operations by empowering and connecting colleagues instantly.



Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, save money, better serve customers, or help staff feel more connected, VoCoVo solutions make it happen. VoCoVo is a modular solution, allowing you to add new business communication handsets as your business grows. The integration with other VoCoVo products, such as CallPoints and KeyPads, allows staff to hear and respond to messages such as ‘customer assistance required in click and collect’ or ‘pricing enquiry at checkout six’. Their handsets can also integrate with telephony, allowing employees to take calls outside of the office.

Retailers already amazing their customers with an unparalleled in-store experience!


THE ISSUE: Wickes was already using headsets throughout its stores to increase store efficiency and improve customer experience. Having seen the efficiencies and increase in service quality to store customers, they wanted to fully realise the benefits that this technology could bring. However, their existing wireless headset system was not robust enough, resulting in large, frequent repair bills. It also lacked some key functionality that Wickes wanted to introduce for their staff.

THE SOLUTION: Wickes chose VoCoVo wireless headsets due to their robust nature, wider store coverage and ease of use. Spare parts are easily replaceable and the handsets and charging racks are specifically designed to be hard wearing, long lasting and easy to use. Another significant advantage of these headsets is the length of time that the batteries last. The headsets last longer than the stores opening hours on a single charge. A typical installation consists of base stations to provide coverage throughout the store and yard areas, and a number of headsets creating an all informed network with two-way communications for all headset users.

THE OUTCOME: VoCoVo’s robust headset solution has allowed staff to work more closely together. Despite many of Wickes’ stores having a large shop floor plus storage and yard areas, all headset users are now constantly in touch with their colleagues and can hold two-way conversations. Not only can colleagues interact more quickly but they now feel less isolated and more engaged with each other. This has had a positive impact on morale as well as their ability to deliver excellent customer service. Customers’ questions are also being answered much more quickly, significantly improving their in-store experience.


THE ISSUE: Halfords’ interest in VoCoVo was the result of a proactive attitude mindful of the need to future-proof by tapping into the ‘prevention-not-cure’ net benefits that VoCoVo can deliver, although active pain points had emerged in particular around theft, communication blockages with outside-of-the-store mechanics and a need to reduce dependency on loud tannoy messages broadcasts that impact customer experience.

THE SOLUTION: To cater for the often spacious layouts of Halfords stores, VoCoVo suggested an advanced setup a level up from the flagship ‘Go’ system. The install comprised of base units for generous, reliable headset coverage, plus one controller unit per store to facilitate Call Points aimed at offering better customer empowerment for maximisation of up-selling and reductions in the number of people leaving empty-handed, without purchases.

THE OUTCOME: The impact of the VoCoVo are clear to see with reports in some stores of a total elimination of tannoy broadcasts that affect the customer experience, while also noticing a significant reduction in weekly losses with increased ability to discreetly detect and prevent theft of commonly targeted, high-value items, without putting themselves at risk. Team interactions have also witnessed significant streamlining effects instead of abandoning customers to consult senior colleagues about a query or request, attendants are able to confer over VoCoVo headset to remain present at the customer’s side and give a near-instant answer. The domino effect is an informed, connected, more empowered workforce more able to identify and capture upselling opportunities, build trust with customers and maintain vigilance and security, while also better-representing the reliability, competence and authority of the Halfords brand.


THE ISSUE: Retailers today are facing greater challenges than ever before customer expectations are rising, as the market becomes more challenging and competitive on price. All retailers must look at cost, business efficiency and customer service. Tesco wisely decided to make Jack’s launch a priority project. VoCoVo was already working with Tesco and our good existing relationship meant that Tesco approached us, confident we could meet the deadline set.

THE SOLUTION: VoCoVo began by outlining the requirement with Tesco and working on a prototype system to deliver the checkout PA announcement functionality. This was tested in Tesco’s headquarters, at Welwyn Garden City. The system worked well and went down ‘exceptionally well’ with colleagues. The period from this initial consultation to the delivery of the system into stores lasted just nine months. By working closely with Tesco, we were able to meet the deadlines and deliver a product that perfectly fit their needs.

THE OUTCOME: The feedback Tesco staff received from Jack’s colleagues in store was overwhelmingly positive, particularly around the use of the headset. Colleagues described it as ‘fantastic’ and were so pleased with the headsets in Chatteris and Immingham that we doubled the standard number held in stores. The product worked well, delivering quicker communication than any alternatives. The instant functionality enabled colleagues to respond quickly to customer and in-store demands. The headsets and ‘call forward’ system quickly became an integral part of colleagues’ working life, making daily jobs easier, more efficient and driving effective customer service.

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