MFJ-9412X 24 MHz SSB Transceiver

MFJ-9412X 24 MHz SSB Transceiver

13/03/2021 Off By George


  • Model: MFJ-9412X
  • TX/RX Range: 24.890 – 24.990 MHz
  • Output Power: 12 W PEP
  • Input Voltage: 12 – 15 VDC
  • Maximum Current: 3.0 A
  • Accessories: MFJ-290 Microphone


Switch on one of these MFJ-9400 Series SSB Transceivers and you’ll marvel at how well it performs! Weak stations roll in with surprising clarity, faithfully reproduced by MFJ’s single conversion receiver. At home, in the car, or on the road, you’ll be amazed at what MFJs 9400 SSB radios can do!

When you operate one of these SSB transceivers and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work the world… running only 7 to 20 Watts PEP! These are the most user-friendly radios you’ll ever own. They set up in seconds! There’s no microprocessor mumbo-jumbo, no menus, and no setlists – these are just SSB-communication radios in the classic style!

MFJ-9440s have new, hotter-than-ever, super-heterodyne receivers that reproduce the weakest signals clearly at full volume. Their built-in, high-efficiency 3 in. speaker yields great sound! They have a tight SSB-bandwidth ladder filter that limits unwanted QRM and noise. Their wide-spaced, reduction-drive VFO makes tuning ever so easy.

These MFJ-9400s have a rugged transmitter! Their power-amplifier transistor delivers full QRP output, yet tolerates opens and accidental shorts without damage. You need not worry until your SWR exceeds 3:1, because the output stage will endure the mismatch! On transmitting, MFJ’s exclusive ConstantCurrent syllabic speech processor cuts through the noise and QRM like a far more powerful radio.

You can feel comfortable trekking with these radios on the trail, camping, backpacking, biking, or just plain traveling. That’s because MFJ-9400 Series radios are built on G-10 double-sided plated-through PC boards.
Some of the great MFJ-9400 Series features:

  • QRP TX above 10 Watts PEP at 13.8 V DC input (7 watts PEP for 9402)
  • Full-time RF Speech Processing
  • Carrier suppression 45 dB
  • Tolerates up to 3:1 SWR
  • Bullet-proof final runs cool, tolerates accidental shorts and opens
  • Single-conversion, super-heterodyne receiver
  • Receiver sensitivity better than .6 microvolts MDS
  • SSB ladder filter
  • Automatic AGC
  • Optional MFJ-416 CW Adapter available: Provides semi-break-in keying and side-tone.
  • Internal speaker
  • Headphone jack

The band of operation is indicated by the last two digits of the 9400 Series model number. Please use the “More Detail…” link to view details for each model.

Get on the go with your SSB rig and a portable antenna, or just enjoy QRP from your Home QTH! Do either… or both… with one of these MFJ-9400 Series SSB Transceivers from DX Engineering!

The radio can be ordered here.