MFJ-1046 Receiver Pre-Selector


  • MFJ new passive preselector
  • Fully metal enclosure
  • Hi-Q series tunable circuit gives you superb performance


MFJs new passive preselector has an extremely high dynamic range. It improves the performance of nearly any HF or shortwave receiver/transceiver. It vastly improves the most expensive receivers. Especially helpful to those with broadband front-ends that are prone to overload.

Key Features / Specifications:

  • Protects your sensitive receiver input from damage (including switching diodes and attenuator resistors) caused by very strong signals from multi-transmitter, multi-band operation – contests, field day, nearby hams, CBers, TV / FM / AM stations.
  • It eliminates phantom signals by suppressing strong out-of-band signals that cause intermod, blocking and cross-modulation.
  • Completely eliminates second-order intermod problems caused by strong out-of-band shortwave broadcast signals mixing and producing unwanted in-band signals.
  • MFJs unique Hi-Q series tunable circuit gives you superb performance.
  • The tunable series tuned circuit works into a very low impedance formed by broadband toroid transformers.
  • Has narrow bandwidth, excellent stopband attenuation, very low loss, constant bandwidth and gain over each band.
  • Excellent attenuation in adjacent contest bands.
  • The entire 1.6 to 33 MHz HF band is covered in five overlapping bands.
  • An air variable tuning capacitor, 1.8 to 1 tuning range and a vernier reduction drive give you precision tuning.
  • Fully shielded metal enclosure.
  • Tough black finish.