MFJ-9040 40 Meter CW Transceiver


High efficiency 3″ speaker driven by 100 mW of audio gives great volume.


You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work the world running only 5 watts!

MFJs CW radios are so light and compact you can take them anywhere – trips, vacations, backpacking, even biking!

Key Features:

  • Easy Operation: The most user-friendly radio you’ll ever own. Sets up in seconds – no microprocessor mumbo jumbo.
  • Great Sensitivity: New hotter-than-ever superhet receiver brings the weakest signals in at full volume (Super-quiet FET post amp stage in the IF filter makes this the best CW receiver going).
  • Excellent Selectivity: Tight CW bandwidth crystal ladder filter fights unwanted QRM and noise to the maximum.,
  • Smooth and Stable VFO: Wide-spaced reduction drive VFO capacitor glides slowly across the easy-t-read dial.
  • True RIT: RIT control has center-detent – makes listening or calling off-frequency a snap!
  • Easy on your Ears: Smooth AGC tracks only the signals you want to hear – it never locks onto strong signals outside the audio bandpass. MF Instant recovery AGC snaps the receiver back at a full gain after transmitting.
  • Built-in Speaker: High efficiency 3″ speaker driven by 100 mW of audio gives great volume.
  • Rugged Transmitter: Motorola power amplifier transistor delivers full QRP output, tolerates opens and accidental shorts without damage.
  • Sinewave Sidetone: Pure 700 Hz CW sidetone makes sending as much fun as receiving!
  • Semi-QSK: Set adjustable hold transmit/receive switching to suit your normal sending speed or set it for full QSK during contests.
  • Easy to Power: It uses little power – only 50 mA average on receive and 1.2 amp peak on transmit. Perfect for battery operation in remote locations!
  • Rugged Construction: MFJ CW radios are built on G-10 double-sided plated-through PC boards in our plant. Rugged all-metal cabinet with the brushed aluminum front panel and vinyl clad cover.
  • 40 meter CW transceiver.