MFJ-9412X Transceiver SSB


Enjoy reduced passband noise with an HF-style 2.3 kHz ladder filter.



MFJs 2 meter SSB adventure radio packs 7 powerful watts with potent constant current syllabic speech processing that’ll punch through pile-ups. If a signal is there, you`ll hear it! A low noise front end and doubly-balanced mixer fight intermodal, yet dig into band noise for weak signals.

Sharp crystal filter fights contest QRM. Enjoy reduced passband noise with an HF-style 2.3 kHz ladder filter.

Easy to Operate: No microprocessor mumbo-jumbo. Just turn on and tune in!

Potent Signal: 7 watts PEP -plus constant current syllabic speech processing adds 4 to 6 dB advantage to punch through Pileups or climb above the noise.

TVI Protection: Built-in 7 element low pass filter knocks down TVI – lets you operate day or night when you want to!

Real S-Meter: Aim your beam with pinpoint accuracy and give out signal reports that mean something!

Agile Tuning: Analog VFO lets you scan for signals quickly, then zero in smoothly. Ideal for fast-paced hunt-and-pounce operation during contest and band openings.

Loud Audio: 3.5-inch top-mount speaker delivers robust audio, overcomes noise.

Phone Jack: 1/4 jack for stereo headphones, cuts off the speaker automatically.

Amplifier Friendly: Built-in FET switch keys solid-state or tube amps. The output signal is tailored for our popular multi-mode amps.

CW Operation: Operate 2 meter CW with optional MFJ-416 CW adapter board.

Built-to-Last: Conservative design, premium PC board, quality surface mount components and rugged cabinet provides years of dependable service.