Most Cute Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The speaker is built to last, and its body is constructed of robust and reliable materials. Never go hiking without your music, is a great companion for your trip.



If you’re looking for quality and aesthetic speakers, you might just be interested in this fancy item. This retro speaker is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s which will definitely awaken your love for the iconic era. Inspired by the known Beetle design, this item is significantly compact and portable, which means you can easily carry it wherever you go. You don’t have to stress anymore about bringing large, bulky speakers on your trips – this product already does the work. What’s better is that this wireless speaker does not compromise on its sound quality.

In fact, it provides professionally tuned audio that pumps out extra volume so you could enjoy the listening experience. Moreover, it also functions as a Bluetooth speaker; connect any music from your phone easily with this device while rocking out to its retro and sleek design! If you’re not in the mood for it, you can easily switch to FM radio, so you could listen to your favorite channels. Even with all these functions, this wireless retro speaker can also sustain an 8-hour playtime so you get to maximize its features even without frequent charging.

Professional Tuned Audio
Is our most cute portable bluetooth speaker. Professionally tuned with the latest DSP technology, and it delivers a roomful of great audio to you. Cellphone Bluetooth connection, which is very high-quality and allows for flawless transmission of music.

Surprisingly Small, Long Playing Time
Cute shape with only 2.4 inch body length, portable for listening to music anywhere. Comes with a powerful battery, giving it up to 12 hours of play time

FM Radio Entertainment
Built-in FM radio antenna, esay to listen to the latest local news and entertainment online.

TF Card Supported
Supports TF cards up to 32 GB, and you can play all your favorite MP3 songs from this bluetooth speaker.