Sharman’s BM145 High Quality Magnetic Mount


  • Magnet Diameter: 155 mm
  • Anti-scratch rubber boot
  • Pre-wired connecting cable
  • Wire Length: 4 m


A large, good quality, 3/8 thread mag mount, approx 6″ / 15.5 cm diameter, with a protective rubber pad to help prevent scratching.

The coax is molded into the 3/8 mount, which sits on top of the mag base. It comes complete with approx 12 ft of coax and a fitted PL259 plug. Supplied in a gift box for easy storage.

Suitable for base-loaded antenna up to about 1.6 m (5 ft) in length or smaller center-load antenna.



  • Magnet Diameter: 155 mm
  • Coaxial Cable: 4 m
  • Connector: PL