Smart Digital


It is a stable performance, high precision, high reliability clear readings, and overload protection

We can only say… This digital multimeter is impressive! All the quality you can expect from a professional device like this! No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this is the one you were looking for.

It measures so many things, at so many levels, that we do not have room here to tell you: AC/DC voltage, continuity, diode, frequency, resistance, temperature… and it goes on!

It is so easy to use, that you might not even need the instructions for it. The screen is really comfortable, and you will have gear, digital, and analog bar on the same screen. And in HD colour!

With one simple, quick test, you are going to be able to know exactly what you need… All in one little device! 


Full Function Multimeter: the professional multimeter has various useful functions for measuring DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency/duty, temperature, and diode test, continuity test, non-contact AC voltage detection, live wire detecting.

Temperature Measurement: -40~1000/-40~1832℉ wide test range, use the included K-type thermocouple probe to test the temperature of the target object, ℃/℉ unit switchable.

Smart (AUTO) Measurement: this measurement mode is default when power on. In this mode, DC/AC voltage, resistance, continuity can be measured, and the meter can automatically identify the measurement signal.

Max/Min & Relative Value Measurement: under the manual range mode, it can measure the maximum and minimum value (invalid in capacitance, frequency/duty cycle, temperature, NCV/live gear), and relative value (invalid in continuity, frequency/duty cycle, temperature, NCV/live).

Flashlight & Data Hold: auxiliary light up the working areas under the low lit conditions, and you can press the data hold button to keep the measured value unchanged to write it down leisured.

Low Consumption & Auto-off: powered by 3 pcs 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included), and if there is no operation in about 15 minutes, the tester will automatically shut down to save battery.

Portable Pocket Size: compact designed is convenient to carry around, wrapped with a rubber sleeve to protect the multimeter once it fall from a height.

1. NCV Sensor area

2. Power key

3. Flashlight key

4. Warning indicator

5. Flashlight

6. Input jack indicator

7. Jack other than current and NCV

8. COM jack

9. mA (<600 mA) jack

10. 1OA jack

11. Auto power off key

12. Function key


It comes with a soft cover available in three different colours to keep it protected… You can never know when it is going to fall from your hands!

Multifunctional Use Range


Fuse Burning

Input Jack
LED Indicabon

Continuity Test
Diode Test


AC/DC Voltage

AC/DC Current




Resistance Test

Pilot Lamp

Frequency Test

Capacitance Test

Live Test

Temperature Test


Flashlight Lighting

Key Operation



DC Voltage99.99 mV / 999.9 mV; 9.999 V / 99.9 V / 1000 V± (0.5% + 3)
AC Voltage99.9 mV / 999.9 mV; 9.999 V / 99.9 V / 750 V± (0.8% + 3)
DC Current9.999 mA / 99.99 mA / 999.9 mA± (0.8% + 3)
9.99 A± (1.2% + 3)
AC Current9.999 mA / 99.99 mA / 999.9 mA± (1.0% + 3)
9.99 A±(1.5%+3)
Resistance99.99 / 999.9 Ohm / 9.999 k / 99.99 k / 999.9 kOhm± (0.8% + 3)
9.999 m / 99.99 mOhm± (1.2% + 3)

9.999 / 99.99 / 999.9 nF / 9.999 / 99.99 / 999.9 uF

± (4.0% + 3)
9.999 mF / 99.99 mF± (5.0% + 5)


99.99 / 999.9 / 9.999 k / 99.99k / 999.9 kHz / 9.999 mHz

±(1.0% + 3)

Duty01.% – 99.99%± (1.0% + 2)

Temerature °C / °F

-40 ~ 1000°C; -40 – 1832°F 2°C

Counts9999 counts


VA Colour Display Screen

Smart Function (AC / DC Voltage, resistance and continuity)


Auto Identification of current input


Relative Measurement




NCV / Live / Continuity testV (sound and light alarm)
Diode testV (sound alarm)
Bargraph / Data hold / True RMSV
Fuse Burning PromptV

Smart Digital Multimeter

With one simple, quick test, you are going to be able to know exactly what you need… All in one little device! 

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